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Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Girl Scouts
On Saturday, I'm going on a girl Sout campout. I LOVE GIRL SCOUT CAMPOUTS! I'll be sure to write about it~Maddy
8:30 PM
As you may know, the California Testing has begun. Instead of the usual SAT 9, this year we have CAT 6. They are very similar tests. Personally, I couldn't tell the difference. Anyway, today our teachers bave us 85 minute for our first test. It only took like 30 minutes, which is good because I got a lot of reading done.~MAddy
8:26 PM
Saturday, April 26, 2003
The NFL draft
Of course, the NFL draft is on. And according to my dad, it should be a national holiday. So Merry NFL draft. What you don't like my joke? I thought it was funny. ~Maddy
3:48 PM
Thursday, April 24, 2003
Poem for School
For the Book I'm reading, Bridge to Terabithia I had to write a poem and here it is...


(I) believe friendship is one of the most important things in life
(S)o are your friends and you really friends?~Maddy

6:12 PM
For my book report I read Emily Dickinson and here's my report:

III. I’m Nobody, Who are you? By Emily Dickinson
Typed by Maddy Pumilia
I’m nobody! Who are you?
Are you a nobody, too?
Then there’s a pair of us--don’t tell!
They’d banish us, you know.
How dreary to be somebody!
How public, like a frog
To Tell your name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!
Emily Dickinson lived in an attic when she wrote these poems. Obviously, she was very depressed. Wouldn’t you be too? Personally, I think she was a bit crazy--possibility having bipolar. She believed she was a “nobody.” So she wrote a poem. This poem was about how she felt about it. ~Maddy

3:52 PM
The chickens are coming (well their eggs) are coming tomorrow and and suppose o be hatching around May 15.~Maddy
7:45 AM
Now over 1,000 people have visited my site! :)~Maddy
7:41 AM
Wednesday, April 23, 2003
Last night me and Maddy went to see Holes. It was such a good movie, I totally recommned it. Plus we went by ourselves.If you love the book Holes, you should definatly see the movie.~Amanda
7:48 AM
Monday, April 21, 2003
Its my 3/4 birthday. *Pause* is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8:55 PM
Arena Football.
Does anyone here watch Arena Football? Well if you have you've heard of the LA Advengers. Well it just so happens I went to Fridays game. IT WAS AWESOME! I WAS ON TV! More importantly, I sat in a fun. THe Advengers won 50 to 14 aganist Buffalo. THe best part was "Stand WIth you Advengers" Where everyone stood up. THe annoucer was great. When not everyone was standing he said, "Everyone is supposed to be standing, Code 12 Section 3" you know something like that. *Laughs* Oh. *Sigh* No one laughing, you don't get it do you? Oh.. you had to be there. ~Maddy
8:45 PM
Bridge To Terabithia
For school, My friend, Emilie, and I are reading I book called Bridge to Terabithia. I finished the book, and its SO sad. But it’s a good book. Its about a boy and girl, they are friends and they create their own secret country. They are very happy, but not for long…~MAddy
8:30 PM
The French
A lot of people are mad at France, because of what’s happening in today’s world. Personally I am not mad at France. Although I do not agree with their decision, I do not think they have done anything wrong. I mean if you are mad at them, I guess you have to be mad at everyone else who’s anti-war. ~Maddy
8:29 PM
Happy Easter
I would just like to say Happy Easter. My favorite thing I got from the “Easter Bunny” was an Italian Charm. I have a charm bracelet. And the charms I get are 18 carrot gold~ So they’re not that cheap. The ones I get are $18.41 (including Tax) a piece! Anyway they nice though. So the one I go was a French Flag. ~Maddy
8:28 PM
The Word Couple.
This is kind of a stupid question but does couple mean 2 or 3. Seriously. I mean some people same 2 some say 3. Personally, I think its 3. But my twin, Amanda says 2. Maybe I‘ll ask the dictionary…~Maddy
8:28 PM
Well, my mom has talked my dad into it. I’m getting a chicken. Yes, a chicken. I’ve decided to name it Moo. At first I was going to name to Star The Chicken, after my cat, who’s name is Star Kitty. But then I thought I might get them confused. So I was going to name it Moon. But my mom thought I said, “Moo.” I liked that idea of naming it Moo so much I’ve decided to name it Moo. ~Maddy

8:26 PM
Monday, April 14, 2003
*Sigh*Back To School.........~Maddy
9:33 PM
Roller Coaster Tycoon
A game computer game is Roller Coaster Tycoon, Its where you design theme parks for your guests. Its SO COOL. Its kinda like SimTown and those games--except for rollar coaster part. ITS VERY ADDICTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~Maddy
9:11 PM
Sunday, April 13, 2003
I'm on spring break so most would think I'm having the time of my life. But I'm really bored right now...~Maddy
1:31 PM
Saturday, April 12, 2003
Not bad...33 people came this weekand I didn't even write anything. (Cause I wasn't here!)~Maddy
11:04 PM
The I LOVE LUCY channel
One of the coolest things on the cruise was the Lucy channel. My favorite show, I love Lucy, on 24/7/365. I love cruises~Maddy
10:59 PM
I MISS THE CRUISE SHIP!!!!!!!!! I WANNA GO BACK! (I know I'm a spoiled little brat!) ~Maddy
10:56 PM
I would like to take the time
I would like to thank the whole staff of the Mercury. They did so much and very friendly and nicely.~Maddy
10:55 PM
Canival Vs. Celebrity
I usually go on Carnival Cruises, but this cruise was on Celebrity. It was much more friendly...and the food was a lot better. My dad was talking to a guy in the casino, who says that its better than princess. My dad has been on 8 cruises, and this was his favorite. Also my friend, Kaylie, on the ship, her mom has a travel agent, and it was her favorite too. SO if you need a cruise, Celebrity is the answer....Of coursewhy would you listen to an 11 year old? Because I'm if youm still don't beleive me check out my mom's thoughts at Calblog.~Maddy
10:39 PM
Yes, my cruise
Cruise Ship Stats:


Ship: Mercury

Sailing From: San Franicso, CA

Ports: Monterey(California) , Catalina Island (California), and Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)~Maddy

10:29 PM
I am really 11.
I have recieved an e-mail which I thought was pretty neat. They asked me if I was really 11. Yes. I am. Born on July 21, 1991~Maddy
10:24 PM
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm stuck in a place with CNN!
Don't get me cruise was great...but the only news around was CNN! I can not watch CNN...I can not watch CNN...I can not watch CNN...I can not watch CNN...I can not watch CNN...~Maddy
10:19 PM
Wednesday, April 02, 2003
Of course I wanted to get my mom on APril Fools' Day, so I took her blanklet and hid it in my sister's room when my sister was asleep, when she found it was missing---SHe looked down stairs, she finally figured it out--April Fools--but she couldn't find her blanklet--she had to wake me up!!!!!!!!!!!~Maddy
3:32 PM
Tuesday, April 01, 2003
The April Fools' Day WAR!
Stage 1: The Kids Trick

For April Fools' Day our grade planned to switch homerooms, I went to Ms. Keene's Homeroom. Usually Ms. Keene is so mean, but she let us stay in there! Some kids were late so they came in and they were like WHAT THE HECT? And then people started coming in and she would she SORRY! WE ARE FULL!

Stage 2: The Teacher's Revenge

The teachers had of course got revenge. They told us we had a 2 hour test due today, to be placed in 7th grade math. And we only had 1 hour 30 min. ~Maddy

5:25 PM
I'm in 6th grade. Almost in 7th...which the teachers use aganist us. They say things like, "Your the top of the school and whatever you do, the 1st graders will too." and "Your almost in 7th grade." SO annoying...~Maddy
5:16 PM