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Saturday, January 25, 2003
Today is Saturday! I love today. No SCHOOL! Its not like I don't like school, its just...... school. I enjoy learning, just not all the time. Do you people follow?
1:47 PM
Wednesday, January 22, 2003
I wrote about my kitty:
Star Kitty Pumilia is Madeleine’s cat. Star Kitty is an American Shorthair. She is a blue cat. She is also part mynx, which means she has a very short tail, instead of a full mynx who has no tail. She was born in 1993.
FACT: Gray is referred to as blue but for some unknown reason people call the blue. (it’s the same for orange cats people call them red)~Maddy

6:25 PM
Tuesday, January 21, 2003
Today there was a 7.6 earthqauke in Mexico City. It must be scary there. My mom sponsers a child near there. I hope he's ok. God bless Mexico.~Maddy
7:03 PM
Saturday, January 18, 2003
What I would do as President
Hi people!
Sorry I haven't written! We have a major report due at school and stuff....
Anyway on the plane to Tennesse I wrote an essay for fun here it goes....

What I would do as President!

FINALLY! A good topic to write about, 'What Would I do as Preisdent'! I'm a rubulican. First I would totally work on 'War o Terriosm'. Than the encomy would be terrible, so I would take a bit to get the encomy up. Then I would tell Gray Davis:Your'e an Idoit. Then I would put more money into Medical reasons,technology (GO TV!), and schools.I would make school vouchers or whatever happen. While doing that I'll have fun by making Tommy Maddox Fed Ex, his autograph to me because I missed him in TN! (*sob*) Oh I 'd make sure peoples are happy and if they have a complaint they can call 1-800-I-have-feelings or send it to and I would take care of it. I would do other stuff too but I can't think of it right now. With this, my friend, my final words are: VOTE MADDY!~Maddy

1:00 PM
Thursday, January 16, 2003
My trip to TN was fun except the Steelers lost, I'm a steeler fan. GO MADDOX!~Maddy
3:21 PM
Saturday, January 11, 2003
Udate on Life
Hi everyone. Tomorrow I'm going to have a bake sale to sponsor "Want to be teens." That's a store Me,Maddy, and my friends are going to open. We already have all the fashions. We need money to sew the clothes and open the store. Maddy's in Tennessee! She went with my dad to see a Playoff game. They're Steeler fans. They went to a General Cleburne site. We're descended from him. Everyone there wanted to ask them questions rather then go on the tour. Ha Ha Ha. I'm having fun with my mom.~Amanda
10:16 AM
Sunday, January 05, 2003
My sleepover
My sleepover was awesome! We had cake (VERY good cake!). And we watched the newest Mary-Kate and Ashley movie, When in Rome. We did alot of other fun things, too. But even though I was looking forward to the sleepover we have to go back to school tomorrow. :(~Maddy
11:48 AM
Saturday, January 04, 2003
Whats happenning
Today is Saturday. My cousins are here. Ryan (My cousin) fell off the stairs. I have to go get him.~Amanda
4:05 PM
Happy Birthday
Hello. I am going to a sleepover tonight. Happy Birthday Emilie!~Maddy
1:40 PM
Friday, January 03, 2003
I got a report on Eygpt King, King Almenhotep IV. He's the guy who changed Eypgt to monotheism. He's so fun to research~Maddy
5:24 PM
Still bored...very bored~Maddy
1:11 PM
I just woke up at 12:20 PM. I couldn't get to sleep.~Maddy
1:08 PM
Thursday, January 02, 2003
I would like to thank my mom for letting Amanda and me for letting us have a webpage. :)~Maddy
7:28 PM
Maddy stole my burrito~Amanda
7:24 PM
Merry Christmas!
I got an air hockey table for christmas.~Amanda
7:17 PM
Hi. Amanda here. Isn't my sister weird? I mean waking up at 12 PM and going to sleep at 1 AM.~Amanda
7:13 PM
Daily Day
I'm on break right now. I'm so happy, but very bored. Basically my day:
12:00 PM-Wake up.Watch TV. (With my cat)
2:00 PM-Play on the computer (With my cat)
3:30 PM-Read (With my cat)
5:00 PM-Watch TV (With my cat)
7:00 PM-Have food(maybe)
7:30 PM-Watch TV until bored stiff (With my cat)
11:00 PM-Write in journal (With my cat)
11:30 PM-Watch movies(With my cat)
1:00 AM-Sleep (With my cat)~

7:10 PM
The newest blog
This is a brand new blog. Amanda and I are pleased you came. So first a little about our new blog. We will explain what's it like to be 11-year-old-twins~Amanda and Maddy
6:59 PM