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Monday, June 23, 2003
The twins have moved...~Maddy
3:59 PM
Friday, June 20, 2003
Nana & Grampy
My grandparents are coming tomorrow. YEAH!
10:37 AM
Trapped 2
The answer is no. Sarah Saga can't leave Saudi Arabia without her husband's permission. Oh no!~Amanda
10:22 AM
A mother, Sarah Saga, and her two children are trapped in Saudi Arabia. She has gone to the police and their answer is------I'll get back to you.~Amanda
10:16 AM
Terriots links
A truck driver in Ohio, Iyman Farris, has been captured. He had links to Saddam and planned to blow up the Brookland Bridge. Farris turned himself in, and is sentenced to death in Augest.~Amanda
10:12 AM
Florida Alligator
I can't believe a 12 year old boy was killed by an alligator in Florida. I'm 11 and I know better than to swim in a river at night when the alligators are hungry! It's just weird.~Amanda
10:07 AM
Tuesday, June 17, 2003
Bill O'Reilly
And here's what Instapundit has to say about Bill O'Reilly.

So Bill O'Reilly does not like the internet. And if it happens to be because people say stuff that isn't true about him. I WOULD BE WHINNING JUST LIKE HIM! Wouldn't you?~Maddy
4:07 PM
1 more day of school!~Maddy
3:49 PM
Internet Safety
As you know, there are a lot of wackos in the world. And some of these wackos get to little munchkins (as my teacher would say) though the internet. Why? Because they can say they are kids and start getting to know this child and possible send false pictures of them selves. Therefore, the “Don’t talk to strangers” rule does not apply. Then next thing you go the wacko asking the kid to meet them and pow. What I don’t understand about this topic is common sense. I mean this topic is basically ignored in today’s world. So kids aren’t aware of this topic…~Maddy
3:46 PM
Monday, June 16, 2003
Fancy Blogs VS. Blogger Blog
Calblog and alot of other people do not use blogger anymore, however I do. The are many pros to Calblog's new site. For example, with this new site, you can have a SEARCH option so you can find something easily. However, if you press CTRL and F at the same time you can do the same thing. Another con, is the cost. Unlike Blogspot, Fancy Blogs aren't very cheap. For me, since I just do this for fun, it isn't worth it since I'm a kid. But for other people, it may be worth it...~Maddy
5:25 PM
Good News!
My cruise tickets arrived today. I'm going to Alaksa on August 8! In my room is not only me, but Amanda (my twin, and my cousin Lizzie,who's my age.~Maddy
5:10 PM
Go Athens
As I may of metioned on this blog before, in class we do a Greek simulation thing. I am in Athens. Today was the big day...The day we found out who won the simulation. Guess who won? ATHENS! I was so happy. We did fates and Sparta (our enemy) lost -40 point per citizen and Athens got +40, I just wanted to sing. ~Maddy
5:08 PM
Sunday, June 15, 2003
For my Bill O'Reilly Fans...
I have been meaning to write about this. Anyway, Bill O Reilly talked about the Matrix Cons. And he's right. I mean guys flying around? How is that possible? And what is is with the sunglasses at night?
8:48 PM
Take a look...
Finding Nemo is doing better than not only The Matrix Reloaded, but X2: X-MEN UNITED, DUMB AND DUMBERER: WHEN HARRY MET LLOYD, Bruce Almightly (Which was a great movie), and RUGRATS GO WILD. And much more. Take a peek. (But remember to come back here and read the rest of this blog because you don't wanna miss the rest of my thoughts!)~Maddy
8:39 PM
Father's Day
As, most of you know, its Father's Day. So I would just like to write a special poem to my dearest daddy. Its an alapabet poem:

A dad that cares
Bold--Very Bold
Cares enough to take me places without sister and mom
Does whats best for me
Fun to be with
Going to TN and Kern River were so much fun
Hates when I fight
I love him
Junk Food isn't his favorite
Kayaking was fun
Listens to me
Not evil--that would be me
Outgoing with his job
Proud to be his daughter
Quite nice
Rats don't bug him as much as it bugs mom
So fun
The Madel and Dadel show
U r the best
Very serious
When I cry, he cares
X-citing to be around
You will love him
Zany would describe me more than him

I love you, dad.

~Maddy *Or should I say Madel*

8:30 PM
Summer Plans
School ends on Wednesday. 3 more days. (Hurray!) So here are my plans: (Besides Sleeping)

On Saturday, my grandparents come which is very good since I have not seen them in quite a while

Starting July 14:
I'm going to Horse Camp. I've been there before. In fact, its the same place where Marykate Olsen goes. She has a pony named CD which anyone can ride. I have rode CD a couple of times. Amanda said she saw Marykate and talked to her there, but I don't believe her.

Cruise (August 8):

Well I can't say much yet, cause I don't know much about it. All I can say is I'm going with my grandparents/cousins/Aunts/Uncles to Alaska! Which shall be fun~Maddy

8:15 PM
Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Summer Fever
Since school is almost out, life there is pell-mell (5th grade vocabulary). We also get letured a lot more than we use to because we are talking quite a lot more than we did in say September. I am going to another school next year--LCHS. I'm going to be a 7th grader. Yes, onward to Middle School I go. So, I'm enjoying my last few weeks at Elementary School--forever. And ever. And ever. And ever. And ever. And ever. And ever.~Maddy
3:56 PM
Thursday, June 05, 2003
Me and Amanda are babysitting today... together. We get 5 dollars per hour. So that's $2.50 per hour which is pretty good since we are doing it together.~Maddy
4:22 PM